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For your application (particularly rhe carrying 50 lbs part) I think a 180 in the front would be nice.

I run 180/160 (F/R) on all my mt bikes. It seems lime a good balance as I am generally braking harder in the front.

On my road/gravel bike I have 160s front and rear. It seems like plenty, but I am not carrying 50 lbs.

The only downside that I have found to larger rotors (besides weight) is that they can get a little too sensitive and grabby if you go too big. I ran a 203 on one of my mtbs and found it a little too sensitive in loose conditions, and way more braking power then I needed. Sizing down to 180/160 felt better to me. But some people like big rotors for similar applications. This is probably less of an issue with road riding as maintaining traction (not locking the wheels) is less of an issue on pavement.
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