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Originally Posted by RobbieTunes View Post
LeMonds are making a move.... 'bout time.
Very under-appreciated bikes, for a long while.
Glad that's ending.
Funny you should mention. The dealer where I acquired an NOS 1985 Ochsner also had a LeMond Zurich / Reynolds 853. I had first seen it as they 'found' it.

Apparently it was thrown in the road ditch and abandoned right near the bike shop.

I forget exactly the build but was fairly nice but...... the drive side chainstay was fractured, not dented or snapped, just a nice verticle fracture almost all the way around - barely hanging together.

They took it to a local welder who knows nothing of bike frames, probably didn't matter to him of certification Reynolds xxxwhatever and welded it.

I had also seen it after the repair, was serviced with a few additional changes, saddle + tape, looked pretty good and light in weight. Kind of peculiar yet rather I liked that they didn't even bother to paint where the fracture was!
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