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My Peter Mooney is a far rarer bike than your Miyata. Never stopped me from piling the miles on it. It now has nearly 50,000 miles, has had several hard crashes, chipped paint, well used dropouts. etc. I have never backed off from riding it "to protect it". Yes, it had years where it was barely ridden but that is because other bikes were in my favor than. It has also been ridden in pouring rain, on dirt roads, when in a state of perfect tune-up and when it was ready for attention but I needed to ride.

Ask yourself, is this bike in your possession to serve you or are you here to serve it? Is your place in life as one who has been tasked with saving Miyata 1000s or has this bike been tasked with being your primary ride? If the bike is in your life to serve you and you don't ride it, you are not serving it well.

And as far as Miyata 1000s being a dying species, consider - you could take your bike to a framebuilder and have him document all the dimensions. Do the research as to the tubes used. Now if something awful happens to your prize, you can have near replica made.

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