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I know exactly what you mean. Once you find your dream bike, you have to find a bike to ride so your dream bike doesn't get damaged or stolen. In 2000, I bought a custom Rivendell that was supposed to be my last bike. I actually have ridden it a lot, but I do think about it when I leave it locked up downtown whenever I'm going to a movie, or to dinner, or wherever. I get peevish when someone parks their bike recklessly in the bike rack, and their bike is leaning against mine. (Why do some people park their bikes right next to yours when there is plenty of room further on down the bike rack?)

You'd think it's just about being custom or vintage or expensive, but any bike that I start to fall in love with, I also begin to worry about. My regular commuter is a somewhat beat-up 1978 Schwinn Super Le Tour that has been set up as a three speed. I think it might be among the least attractive bikes to a thief out there, but I still worry that I might come out of the store and find the lock snipped. (At least I don't worry about scratches on the paint.) And right now I'm working on a '52 Raleigh three speed that I want to put to regular use as a commuter, and I'm already thinking - maybe I shouldn't ride it when it's rainy. Maybe I should avoid days when they've put cinders down on the ice. The bike is old, you know.

But as has been said, a bicycle that sits inside and is not used is hardly a bike.
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