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Originally Posted by Giacomo 1 View Post
I do think age plays into your feelings.

When I was younger, my possessions did mean more to me than they do now. At 60, I feel as if I might as well use them, because my riding time could come to an end any time, and as you age, I think most of us don't view our possessions as being all that important anymore. You know, the "you can't take it with you" attitude sets in a bit.

Remember, that part of the value of something is not just monetary, its also the enjoyment you get out of it. If that bike puts a smile on your face when you ride it, then why let it sit and collect dust? It is meant to be ridden, so I would at least take it on special rides and not worry much about breaking it or ruining its monetary value. Life is to short not to enjoy that bike.

With respect and extra care.

Of course, monetary and valuation means different things to each other. That in itself sums it all.

I've also loaned things and if something ever happened, I have to remind myself -its my risk. As for bikes, the ones I have are enjoyed with passion but most are welcome to ride and enjoy. If the worst happened, well then that's life.

But interesting enough, last Summer I refused to loan my new carbon mtb to a fellow who ASKED if he could take it for a day. He had no intention of buying one, nor could afford and just wanted to have fun on it at my risk. My meter pointed to say, sorry no go.

Elevating a bit further;
If someone tosses you the keys to their 'super performance or rare' car and the track is warm and clean, both parties need to realize risk, regardless how minute. I rarely decline but first and foremost think of risk. Also know of folks who are kind enough to do such and encourage one to take hot laps without worrying. They can afford it.
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