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There's a bunch of ways of looking at this-

The main thing is that there's a difference between riding a bike, and being responsible about the bike you have and beating on it and being irresponsible with it. You know what you have- take care of it. It'll be fine.

But like Chr0m0ly said- that first scratch is the hardest...

I think there's a trap in looking at something that's 14 or so years older than you are as an "antique." It was probably bought by someone who listened to Duran Duran. They had some weird "punky" haircut, or they wore Twisted Sister makeup and Members Only jackets and Jordache jeans... It's from another time that's not actually real to you.

But it's a bike.

A few years ago on a guitar forum, a guy was talking about his new 1958 Les Paul reissue. It was actually comical the shock and terror this guy had about not only playing the guitar out- he couldn't even comprehend even taking it to band practice. Don't get me wrong- $2800 is a lot to spend on a guitar (I've had a few RIs and some pretty nifty guitars and $2800 is still a lot of money to me)- but in terms of "grail" guitars- that's barely a dent. But this guy was treating a "nice" guitar like some sort of holy relic. There's always much better, nicer, more expensive, more exclusive, more irreplaceable...

Now- it's a Miyata 1000. There's literally thousands of them out there- the model was made for at least 10 years, and I'd guess there were more than 2,000 made every year. It's a cool bike- but a lot of artificial cool-ness was brought by Sheldon Brown's recommendation. There's a bunch of differences between model years, tubing, paint, braze ons, components...

The Miyata 1000 was meant to be ridden hard and long, with a **** ton of weight on it- it's not frail- compared to any vintage racing bike, it's relatively stout tubing- it's meant for business.

You're only 23- you've got a lot of time to learn and find and acquire... You do learn that you don't know everything at 23, 25, 30, 40... You'll find other stuff to love, and you'll also find things that you appreciate about the things you have. You've got a nice bike but you're not at endgame-
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