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Originally Posted by BikeWonder View Post
I feel fortunate to own a great touring bike, a 1982 Miyata 1000. I've made a lot of modifications to it over the past year since I bought it, but I am afraid of riding it or taking it on tour. I don't plan on selling it or keeping it as an investment, but I feel like riding it makes it lose its value, increase the risk of crashing, or somehow get the frame to break (I have this notion that it's very frail)
I kind of wish I had your problem!

This is an interesting thread especially as it can be equally relevant to other possessions and even possessions that aren't things. I'm thinking of Steve Carrell's character in The 40 Year Old Virgin; he's got a collection of action figures still in their unopened packages. Someone asks him why he never unwrapped them to play with them and when teased about it he has an outburst, and it mirrors his nervousness about the pressure to have a sexual experience, taking himself out of the package, so to speak, with the fear of subsequent damage and reduced value.

But that's enough armchair psychology BS. Speaking for myself I would want to put some hours and distance on that bike, assuming it's comfortable and satisfying to ride, so that it would have a story and I would have memories associated with it, the more exotic and unusual, the better.
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