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Can you do it? Absolutely.
Why do I say that? Because I did it at 61yo after a year off the bike and I assume you are at least as (un)athletic as I was at the time. The previous year, I'd had an accident where I couldn't walk more unaided than 50 feet for a month and then spent the next 11 months as your average, everyday, basic, no-exercise couch potato. Got smacked upside the head at that point by a friend who seemingly somewhat randomly said "come out and ride with me this weekend"....without telling me it was a 200k brevet until we pulled into the start location parking lot. Um, yeah. Some friend.

Completed the ride in just over 12 hours without requiring a call for either a SAG van or an ambulance. Was it pretty? Not really. Was I sore afterward? Sure... for about 4 hours. I slept well that night though. Could I walk the next day without limping? Yepper. Would I ADVISE anyone to do it the way I did it (no prep)? Not really.
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