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Originally Posted by tn_roadie View Post
A bill in the legislature - Senate Bill 1107 (Dickerson) and House Bill 1220 (Potts) is being pushed by the scooter companies, Spin, Bird, Lime, etc.

The bill amends current bicycle law to insure that “electric foot scooters” are given the same rights and responsibilities as bicycles and electric bicycles in Tennessee. This includes adding them to Tennessee Code Annotated 55-8-175 that includes the Jeff Roth Protection Act requiring automobile drivers to give bicyclists a three foot buffer when passing. It also includes scooters in the statutes on electric bikes in TCA 55-8-301 et seq.

I am urging bicycle riders and advocates to oppose the bill as it is currently written.

1. Scooters are not bicycles and should be placed in their own legal category.
2. The basic bicycle law was first passed in 1955 and amended in 1985 and 2007. The law on electric bikes was passed in 2016.
3. Bicycle statutes are established law and scooters first appeared on Tennessee streets in 2018. The law on bicycles should not be used for a new and unknown technology.
4. We do not want to interfere with the rights of cities to regulate scooters and we do not want them to have the right to regulate bicycles. We are not opposed to electric scooters on our streets.
5. Scooters should not be included in TCA 55-8-171 et seq. which is the basic law on bicycles. They should not be included in TCA 55-8-301 et seq. the chapter defining electric bicycles. E-bikes are just a different type of bicycle, have been used for years and are regulated by federal standards.

The scooter companies have a lot of money and have hired some heavy hitter lobbyists. City governments are concerned about their right to regulate scooters. They will all be in the room when the negotiating starts. I need people in Tennessee to write your state representative and state senator. You can find them here.

Find Your Legislator

The bill is here.

SB 1107 - HB 1220

If you want more information DM me.

The scooter companies are trying this all over the country so you might want to check with your own state legislator.
Help me understand your opposition to the proposed law. What are the potential pitfalls of giving them the same rights and responsibilities as bicyclists?
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