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Originally Posted by JoeyBike View Post
Think about what you are saying. Maybe say it out loud, record it, then listen to it. An electric scooter is just second cousin to a pedal bike, and first cousin to an E-bike. Think of how different a pedal bicycle is from a CAR or TRUCK. Now say this out loud: "They [pedal bicycles] should not in any way be placed into the same classification as a motor vehicle". Yet...many have worked so hard to make sure that pedal bikes are treated the same as motor vehicles even though one is from Venus, the other from Jupiter. Cars and bikes are totally dissimilar. Scooters and bikes are almost the same thing. I am not comprehending your reasoning here.
Never ceases to amaze me how cluelessly selfish and shortsighted people can be.
Just look at the countless MUP threads that consist of cyclists arguing amongst themselves about who can ride/walk/run on them and at what speeds
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