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You have received a lot of great input.

Like others have said, those vintage tourers are made to take a load.

I did two different month long tours on a 1983 Specialized Expedition loaded up with 65 to 70 pounds of gear.
(in hindsight I brought along too much stuff ) The bike did not complain though.

The bike did great, like it was designed to do. I have great memories of those tours.

It made it fine up and down mountain passes, across desert areas, in occasional rain, over gravel roads and handled it all.

I also had a 1986 Miyata 1000 for a couple of years which I decided was a size too tall.
It was a great riding bike. Sadly I never toured on it but I never doubted it could handle a load.

I now have a 1986 Schwinn Passage which I hope to tour on.
Surprisingly I liken it's unloaded riding to being very similar to the 1986 Miyata 1000.

There are quite a few worthy vintage touring bikes out there, including Trek, Fuji, Schwinn , Nishiki , Univega and the list goes on.

I have a friend that had a Miyata 610 that was an exceptional beauty, truly a head turner.

He loaded it up and toured on it.

Another parting thought.
Quality tires make a huge difference.

Safe riding and possibly touring on your 1000.

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