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Originally Posted by downhillmaster View Post

OP is not just being silly. OP is being plain ridiculous and anyone not flat out telling him/her so is just as ridiculous.
Help me understand: if an older individual chooses to baby their vehicle of whatever make, of vintage status, as responsible and disciplined, but a younger person, such as myself, as silly and ridiculous?
Art is art. People have different ways of appreciating. I was just in a position to figure out if I wanted to look at it or experience it.

Everyone else has been providing great feedback to simply enjoy life. If asking a question and looking for guidance makes me silly and ridiculous, then I probably joined the wrong forum. But then again, you don't speak for everyone either.

I enjoy this forum and I will continue to use it, despite what "silly" and "ridiculous"questions I may ask or express.

It's about sharing knowledge and experience, not criticizing ridiculing.
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