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Originally Posted by jon c. View Post
Do you want to be judged by the behavior of your second cousin?

They're not saying there's necessarily anything wrong with this second cousin, they just want to be considered based on their own merits while the extended family is accorded the same individual treatment.
You may have missed my point. This is how I meant it to be interpreted:

Bicycles and motor vehicles, especially the 4-wheeled variety, are completely different animals with very unique speed capabilities, size constraints, and operator awareness of sights and sounds around them. Two very different vehicles, the car and the bicycle YET...cyclists have been mandated to follow the same rules of the road as automobiles (of which I completely disagree and generally do not abide).

The electric scooter, the electric bicycle, and the pedal bicycle share almost every comparable quality YET....someone thinks they should be treated based on their scant differences, not their many similarities.

The low displacement gasoline scooters/mopeds are very similar to full sized motorcycles in behavior as well. On low speed roads they are one in the same to my observations. And both are generally required to obtain and display license plates, liability insurance, and be subjected to yearly safety inspections, etc.

Granted there are a few high powered electric bikes/scooters/skateboards out there so perhaps this is where the confusion lies.
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