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Rim recommendations for 35-44c tires

I'm looking for rim/wheel recommendations for running 35-44 tires on my cross bike. I do NOT have disc brakes.

Currently I'm using Velocity A23 rims (18mm inner diameter). I find 32mm tire to be the sweet spot for those rims. I also tried 35 (both Panaracer T-serv) - it was OK but I wasn't in love. When I ran pressures low enough to be comfortable I found the 35's less pleasant than the 32 because of the extra side to side flop. People say I can run a 40mm tire on these rims but I can't imagine I will like it.

So I'm thinking a 22-23 internal diameter rim for 35-44c? Does this sound right? Any specific rim recommendations that have brake tracks so they work with my archaic cantilever brakes.

Or should I declare that this is a mistake to invest in this bike, and I need a new carbon fiber bike with disc brakes?
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