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Originally Posted by mstateglfr View Post
Not sure what TPI the tserv has, but my tires are 120tpi Clement MSO in 40mm. Pretty supple casing for an intended purpose gravel tire.
Cool, thanks I'll check it out. The T-serve is 66 TPI

Originally Posted by mstateglfr
Perhaps a wider more supple tire will be more comfortable.
The Compass marketing machine claims that the more supple the tire, the less you need to worry about rim size. Here's the quote from their web page

Originally Posted by compass faq
With supple Rene Herse tires, it doesn’t matter how wide the rim is, as long as it’s no wider than the tire (outside width). If the rim is too wide, the tire can blow off, because it doesn’t properly engage with the hook on the rim’s sidewall. Rene Herse tires up to 44 mm wide can be run on rims as narrow as 20 mm. For wider Rene Herse tires, we recommend a minimum rim width of 23 mm.

You may have heard that matched rim and tire widths make the tire sidewalls more vertical, so they bear more of the bike and rider’s weight. This works with stiff sidewalls and allows running a lower tire pressure, but also decreases shock absorption and comfort.

With supple tires, almost the entire weight is supported by the air pressure of the tires. Whether the sidewalls are vertical or bulge makes very little difference. The most extreme case is a tubular tire, which touches the rim only in a very narrow spot, yet offers great handling and comfort.
I'm just a little worried about riding them after hearing how thin they are.

Originally Posted by mstateglfr
Pretty much every drop bar gravel bike I see has rims that are in the 22-25mm wide range and run 38-45mm tires. Seems like a common range that works well for varied riders, at least around me.
Do you mean outer diameter 22-25? Or inner?
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