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Originally Posted by mstateglfr View Post
Not sure what TPI the tserv has, but my tires are 120tpi Clement MSO in 40mm. Pretty supple casing for an intended purpose gravel tire.
Perhaps a wider more supple tire will be more comfortable. Pretty much every drop bar gravel bike I see has rims that are in the 22-25mm wide range and run 38-45mm tires. Seems like a common range that works well for varied riders, at least around me.
I think the performance issue with T-Servs is the protection, not that the casing fabric is course.

One of my friends ran 35-ish T-Servs on his gravel bike for a while. The two of us could ride together just fine on our road bikes. But on our gravel bikes, me on my 53mm Compass tires, him on his T-Servs, on paved stretches he could hardly cling to my draft.

Originally Posted by rumatt View Post
I'm just a little worried about riding them after hearing how thin they are.
What kind of flat are you concerned about in particular?
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