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Originally Posted by rumatt View Post
I've seen charts like that, but they haven't aligned with my experiences. Maybe I should try 35c or bigger again on my A23's and confirm whether there's actually a problem.

I've read that the more supple the casing is, the less the rim size matters. The theory being that the rim is held up more by tire pressure rather than the tire sidewall.
I've gone way way outside those specs. But when doing that I can't go too high on pressure or too low (or cause blow off - wheel failure or too much sidewall squirm respectively.

Rim size matters less with a stiff casing. At least a stiff casing won't sqirm as much at low pressure. I've pinched some nice high end tires, but those supple sidewalls just gave out if I pushed on them too hard laterally.

I have some 22mm ID rims (28 outer) that I put some 28mm tires on (measured 31mm). It gave what looked like a really nice aero profile, but I tended to ride a bit too much on the sidewall (off of the tread cap) on hard cornering - and there isn't much rubber at all on the sidewall at all. Bummer.

but to your original question, they (22mm id) work great with my 40mm tires. That is their sweet spot - although they work well with my 32 and 33mm tires, and with my 50mm tires.
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