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Originally Posted by rumatt View Post
OK I found another story similar to mine regarding big tires at low pressures

From the comments in this article:

However, there aren't many 23mm inner diameter rims with rim brakes. I found two carbon light bicycle rims (inner diameters 21 and 23) and there's the boat anchor Velocity Cliffhanger mountain bike rim.
Sidewall flex isn't inherently bad and doesn't mean it will instantly wash out. Plenty of us cyclocross racers are running 33s at ~20psi, now that is sidewall flex. I'll regular bottom out the rim during prerides and basically air down until i start hitting the rim and then add a few psi. There is also a huge range of tires between the compass and the tserv that will provide a supple ride with some protection, for example the panaracer gravelking(non sk) I mentioned earlier has a beefier sidewall and protection belt under the tread
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