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Mondia or Juvela with stamped dropouts

There's a re-painted bike i see parked near work every day that caught my attention cause it has Nervex Pro headlugs (with the "flanges") and a Vagner fork crown...and I loves a mystery! So I would glance at it (usually in hurry to get into work or grab quick lunch) so giving myself scant seconds to gather another clue and ponder...but a recent time I looked I caught the distinctive serial number stamped on a semi-wrap left-hand staycap and...mystery solved: that's a Mondia (well, could be a Juvela but splitting hairs).
Kind of a come-down cause I was hoping to draw the mystery out a little more (yeah, work can get boring) but then I saw something very unusual (to me, anyway): the dropouts were not a typical long-form Campy 1010 as expected, nor the thick stamped Campy Verticals you'd find if this was a Mondia/Juvela cyclocross frame, which I'd say it's not cause it's got no canti bosses.
What iit's got are stamped dropouts like you'd see on a cheepo bike-boom frame, horizontal and with one threaded hole for rack/fender mount, but...unusual, right?!
The rest of the package (Nervex Pro and Vagner) plus the careful craftsmanship sure doesn't make me think this is some "budget' model Mondia, and if they are replacement DO's ya gotta wonder who would opt for THAT instead of replacing with the (not hard to find) Campy 1010s this SHOULD have come with. To me everything points to a typical Mondia with 531DB full throughout, EXCEPT for those stamped dropouts.
So you Swiss experts: what gives?
Yes, I WILL take some pix next time I have a few minutes and as long as that doesn't get me in trouble with the owner...
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