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Wow I am hella outa shape. I planned 3 hours with 2x20 @245 to keep it easy enough. Couldn't even hit 245 for the second one. Brought 600 calories with me but I guess I'm not used to burning so many calories and got home starving, 90 minutes before a powerlifting class.

So I ate a slice of pizza, drank a protein shake, took a cold and hot shower, drank 300 kcal of maltodextrin, took a 20 minute nap, drank some coffee, filled a bottle of maltodextrin and went to the gym. Got some energy.

Went to the free trial powerlifting class that just started up at my gym. Did some light weight exercises with a super buff bodybuilder/powerlifter girl leading the class. Good class, but maybe hard to work into my busy workout schedule. Threw in some lightweight rows, pull ups, and a back lever to finish off. Now I gotta go eat 2500 calories before bed.
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