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Bikes: One I paid $50 for :**

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Thank you Imakecircles, that is good advice about having someone knowledgeable watch me when I get going, it is easier to learn the right way the first time, then have to unlearn a few bad habits.

mrv I run for the shear pleasure of being able to eat "Everything" The best part of the ultra marathons are the aid stations, normally spaced around 10 to 12 miles apart. Stocked with bacon, pizza, potato chips, fruit, watermelon cookies. One of the best training runs I ever had was 22 miles, about half way through one of my friends happened to drive by. After making the normal comments, about me being crazy, he offered me a beer and a piece of chicken. I can think of very few things that ever tasted as good.

On the bike front I am going to go look at a Kona Jake Cyclocross bike tomorrow, used, in my size with some new tires on it, from the reviews of the bike, the stock tires got pretty poor feedback.

On my trainer, I have a vintage Schwinn Le tour. I did some research here about how to adjust the seat and bars and made some fine tunes after spending some time in the saddle.

I am looking forward to just getting some time on the road instead of the cellar. My ankle and knees are still pretty sore and walking is still tough to do. They told me to not run for 3 months, in reality, I don't see me running anytime soon. Biking may have to replace running this year. They said broken bones would have healed quicker than torn ligaments, I have already paid for three Spartan races this year, I am not sure at this point if I will be able to compete.

Thanks for all the encouragement and advice it is really appreciated...Bob
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