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Hadn't thought about the viscosity, but olive oil seems about right.

One of the other things I noticed is that White Lightning, once "dry", leaves that white, waxy residue on the chain (never seemed to cause any buildup problems except for the white residue). Finish Line Dry leaves no white residue and looks more like a light oil (prob'ly as in olive). Interestingly, the buildup I saw was only on the pulleys. Wasn't much of anything on the chain.

Also I found the following on Finish Line's website:

...."sets up with a dry 'wax-like' synthetic film..." ...... "...Thanks to the added Teflon™ fluoropolymer..."

So, maybe it only looks like a slightly oily cover on the chain, but it may be more like "black ice"...looks wet but is really frozen.

One other item I should mention is that the drive system seems to run quieter (have not measured it to know for sure) between lube periods. White Lightning starts out smoother sounding but by the end of 2 weeks of riding, shifting takes on more of a chunky noise...not really loud but very noticeable from when White Lightning is first applied.

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Cool follow up.
the other day a guy described the concoction they use. Olive oil & gelatin mix. I sure hope it helps them wiggle down the path easily.
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