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You're probably not going to be able to sell that for anything approaching real value in the Beloit/Janesville market. (I am familiar with both locales, having lived off what was then Exit 0 for four years).

I'd advertise it up in Madison-- not that far anyway-- and possibly, if you want to range a bit afield, in Chicago.

From what I'm seeing, it's a gorgeous and well kept bike. I think the 800-1000 is probably fair BUT I would start selling a bit higher (1200 or so) and be prepared to come down. American customs can be quite hard to price, but Laing is a better known name. That said, I see pretty nice American customs languish for months on end, even at what seems like (to me) bargain prices. I buy them fairly regular-like. So if you start high, don't absolutely hew to that price. But trying the waters is fine.

Keep in mind my advice would be different if you were buying; I would probably tell you to work towards about 800 in that case.
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