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Originally Posted by crydee View Post
,,,Mainly, I want to confess I quoted a few guys here (Pcad and Dr. Pete) from my extensive reading of the boards when I first got started (the boards back then were way more cluttered with helpful threads). I was wondering how it is appropriate to quote them in this essay. I put their names from what I can tell in the article and quotes around them (and exaggerated a bit by necessary, but by reading their posts everday I felt as if I "know" them.) I Just want to make it is legitů

edit: if dr pete or pcad would say pm with their thoughts on this, this would be great, but just reminded this is fiction (but everything about me is true) and largely based on what I gained from reading the forums for a couple of years
Originally Posted by Nachoman View Post
Crap. I fell for it and started reading the 10 year old essay. I wish zombie threads were easier to identify.
When I read the OP, I naturally thought it was legitimately contemporary since it referred to pcad and Dr. Pete in the seemingly long ago past.
As I recall, at least pcad was active here when I joined in 2008, and for a few years afterwards.
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