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Originally Posted by Rob_E View Post
Grumpy old man moment coming up.

When I was kid, we didn't have Ride2School programs. We just rode to school. We had bikes. School was close. At the time it was no-brainer. Now it's a special program.

Not to misconstrue. I think the programs are great. I think helping and encouraging kids to ride is great. I'm just a little saddened because somehow we went from kids getting themselves to school by bus or bike or feet to a line of cars parading in front of the school to drop everyone off. And now we need special programs. Seems like a shame that we need them, but I'm glad the programs are there.
Sad but true. I live not far from a family that has children that attend the school 3 blocks away. And they drive there. When I was at that school in the early 90's many kids walked there. Today there is a line of cars going for blocks each day. Something has to change to end this madness.

While I too am glad to see the push to ride a bike. I also am sad people have to be reminded they have feet and can get to school in ways other than a car.
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