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Originally Posted by wgscott View Post
I basically suck at mountain biking, so probably the opposite extreme.

Really, the question is, if the main thing holding me back is my lack of technical competence, is having a drop bar really going to be any more problematic?

My 11 year old full suspension has a conventional flat bar.
IF you are planning on doing even moderately technical trails, and if your skills are already in question, the drop bar bike will only compound the problems. So yes, I think it will be more problematic. The issue is not just the drop bars, but the geo in general. Much shorter front end on the Advocate... just look at where your grips are relative to the front axle.... well behind it on the Fuel, right over it on the Advocate.

What it really comes down to is that between the flat bars, the geometry, and the full suspension, the Fuel is going to be a LOT more forgiving of screw-ups and bad lines. Your son does not want his old man face-planting and ruining the ride.

I'm not saying that people can't ride drop bar bikes like yours on technical terrain. People do it plenty. But it takes a lot more skill than with a modern (even 11-year old) FS trail bike.

If you want to drag your fuel into 2010's you can think about going with wider bars and a shorter stem to give you some more handling stability and trail cred with the young guys. Your son will think you are cool.

BTW, that Advocate looks freaking awesome. I want one.
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