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Acquaintance is victim of Hit and Run, left on side of road
Originally Posted by jppe View Post
My sisterís husbandís brother is a cyclist. He is a daily commuter in Winston-Salem, NC and was in a hit and run incident last night. Heís unconscious and in ICU. A super concerned lady saw his bike lights and him lying on the side of the road, stopped, called 911 and stayed with him to the hospital.

Here are links to the story and a video of him talking about riding. Heís what Iíd call a pure rider. One of the officers that responded used to ride with him on weekends. Iím hoping traffic cameras will reveal who hit him.

Iíve known Robert for almost 50 years. He is a really tough guy and might just need all that strength to get through this one


Originally Posted by Lemond1985 View Post
I almost wish I had not watched the video of the guy, he seems like practically a modern-day saint of cycling. Rode a fixed gear too, totally hard core.

I know if I were him, all I would be thinking about is recovering and getting back out there on a bike again. I hope he gets his wish.

And the driver is brought to justice and punished publicly and to great excess, as an example to others who might be tempted to nearly kill someone and leave them to die on the side of the road.
Hi @jppe,

My most sincere dittoes to all the above posts. I couldn't view that video from my current location.

Perhaps you may recall that I sent you a (belated) post after your own cycling accident, with reference to my own hit-and-run encounter and an inspiring tale of recovery (My assailant got jail time.).
Originally Posted by Jim from Boston View Post
...I had intentions of sending you this story after I read of your injury, but you know how it goes ...especially to find it in the archives.

In any case I'm moved to post it here, as I have done for other subscribers who sustained serious injuries, FYA:
Originally Posted by Jim from Boston View Post
Ö.Hereís a rehab story I learned of, almost as a mystical experience. It's also about trauma, but IMO holds out the hope of healing when things seem bleak.

When I was about two weeks into my hospital stay, I was watching Ö[follow the link]

This episode gave me a first glimmer of hope that I would be on the bike again.

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