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Now I read some comments about fat bikes and found out they can be vague and imprecise in their steering. So, I'm not tempted to get into fat biking anytime soon.

However, I just saw a video on Youtube that practically blew me away.

It's a comparison between 2.00" tires against 2.35" tires. The larger tires came out ahead. Since Schwalbe makes a semi-slick Super Moto-X in 2.4" I feel like buying a bike with 2.8" tires just to try the smooth-rolling 2.4" tires. It actually seems like an awesome idea now, not just a cool idea.

EDIT: OK, I just saw a video comparing 27.5" Plus bike to a 29er and the 27.5" Plus bike came out on top. So, I'm really impressed now by the idea of a 2.4" or 2.5" 650b hybrid.

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