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Originally Posted by mr_bill View Post
walk to work even given the opportunity and I see precious little foot traffic on sidewalks.
I was talking about cycling at all, not to work. But, either way, you seem to understand why we don't have bike paths then.

OK, first, I've biked on roads INSIDE Amsterdam and Copenhagen too. I did not die. This idea that you need door-to-door bike infrastructure is ludicrous.

But second, you are flat out wrong about the long distance travel on bikes in either Netherlands or Denmark. Just look into riding between Amsterdam Centraal and Rotterdam Centraal. Not sure why I'd ride a bike the 75K between the two, I'd rather bring my bike on the train, but....
I'm really not sure what your point is here and I've lost my atlas of Dutch bike trails. Taking the train would kinda defeat the purpose of going for a bike ride though, wouldn't it? The routes that Google maps (cycling directions) give me don't seem very appealing however. Can we go for a ride some place nicer? South Holland or outside of Zutphen look nice after a bit of scrolling about.

My impressions of bike travel outside of Amsterdam is from what others who have visited there have said. Just looking at the bicycling aspect of Google maps however, it shows that the green marked areas are more in city centers and less further out. Being that most all of the Netherlands is densely populated, naturally the areas with more green are a greater percentage of the map than in the US. But of course, infrastructure tends to follow with tax base so no surprises there.
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