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Originally Posted by Stadjer View Post
No, peace broke out a couple of decades ago. Cars might want to avoid them if they're in a hurry, if there's room to pass they will pass, if it's too tight they will stay behind the cyclists. It's a 30 km street or a 'woonerf' which is a residential area with a walking pace speed limit, it's where kids play on the street so then 30km is way too fast.
Amazing, huh? So “scary” on Street View, but so not scary in real life. There are some 50 km/h streets along some low traffic waterways. But I’ll ask you, do you ever ride anywhere on a 100 km/h (~65 mph) roads?

The illumination-industrial complex here says that’s fine so long as LIGHT LIGHT LIGHT LIGHT LIGHT LIGHT....

-mr. bill

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