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Originally Posted by mr_bill View Post
Amazing, huh? So ďscaryĒ on Street View, but so not scary in real life. There are some 50 km/h streets along some low traffic waterways. But Iíll ask you, do you ever ride anywhere on a 100 km/h (~65 mph) roads?

The illumination-industrial complex here says thatís fine so long as LIGHT LIGHT LIGHT LIGHT LIGHT LIGHT....

-mr. bill
You keep trying to put words in my mouth. I never said scary. Crowded. It actually looks quite cheery in street view, but very developed and heavily populated. I'd have no issue riding there obviously, just not the place I'd preferr to be in.
Do I ever ride on 65mph roads? Well, technically no since we don't have any roads with a 65mph limit here. Bicycles aren't allowed on the 70-75mph Interstate highway system but they have a wide paved shoulder so I'd be fine riding there if permitted. The closest I've got in Michigan are 50-55mph roads and yes, if I'm riding on pavement it's almost certainly a 55mph road. I do prefer to go on the dirt backroads which actually have a 50 or 55mph speed limit but fewer people and more hills. Not much in between in my area.

Originally Posted by mr_bill View Post
How many people live in tulip fields? Netherlands is also a major agricultural exporter.

Oh, thanks for clearing that up. Here I was thinking that population density meant everyone was evenly spaced out!
Obviously any country will have more and less concentrated spots, but the Netherlands is still the most densely populated country in Europe (aside from city states) so getting to the empty spots will naturally be easier in a place that has 1/10 the overall population density. Different places for different folks is all.

(You would, if you would, find youself all alone, so all alone, between Amsterdam and Groningen. And Amsterdam and.... How can you simultaneously think there isnít bike infrastructure in the boondocks AND think there are no boondocks?)
-mr. bill
Hmmm, ctrl+F, nope I never said boondocks anywhere above so I'll leave you to your strawman. I said that reports are (and street view agrees) that there are not always bike paths outside the city.
Anyways, there's a difference between riding past what is essentially a commercial farm and riding through a forest that hasn't been touched in a lifetime. I've looked back and forth along the route between Amsterdam and Groningen using street view and while it is quite scenic, I can't find a single spot where I don't see another car, buildings, etc. It looks nice to visit, but not a spot I'd want to live, which was my initial point on entering this thread.
Like I said, our perceptions differ. The only time I have felt truly alone on a road was once while traveling across Wyoming when I realized that I hadn't seen a car and barely a sign of human habitation for an hour or two. Nice place.
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