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Ah. A pub argument, albeit for geeks, but a good one nonetheless. Here's the definitive explanation/reference (I've had this drunken argument before with my friends), The Stability of Bicycles by Lowell and McKell: American Journal of Physics: Vol. 50, No. 1. Basically,
1. The angular momentum of the turning bicycle wheels makes them act like gyroscopes to help stabilize the bicycle. This gyroscopic action also helps to turn the bike.
2. The stability of the bike is also do to centrifugal force.
3. The stability is also effected by the mass and/or width of the wheel
4. The more important factor (not overriding) is the geometry, particularly the front
The equations are complex (not just a simple PV=nRT) type.

Bigger tire, more stable. Smaller tire, more responsive.
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