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News on the seatpost front:

I win.

The Super Record post survived completely intact. It's a remarkably good design for this sort of thing.

Oh, and the frame made it out A-OK too:

What probably isn't evident in these photos is that the repaint on this thing is either way too thick (usually around the top), or way too thin (usually around the bottom). Where it's neither, it's way too drippy (usually where it's vertical).

Don't forget to spot the missing braze-on

At any rate, I figured I'd spruce it up a bit, and so cookie-cuttered some two-layer vinyl decals for it. Took way longer to install than they should and they're about as professionally executed as the paint job. Still, the darn thing at least looks like it has some swagger now, and the uneven outlines somewhat look like the rough color registry of older decal transfers.

I would have used white - like the one other red Romani pista of the same era that I've seen here on the forum - but yellow is the only contrasting color I have kicking about at the moment. This excuse was good enough for me, and I cut the main letters in yellow. Doesn't look half bad.

And hey - it's red, and it's Italian. That alone should make it faster than anyone else


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