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Originally Posted by kingston View Post
I picked up a nitto handlebar today that says Light and Light 65 B65LL and can't find anything about it online. Does anyone know anything about this handlebar?

Old thread, I know, but coincidentally I just discovered a new-to-me bike has the handlebar the OP was asking about. I'll attach some photos.

The handlebar is marked Nitto B65LL Tokyo on the left side of the clamp section (facing the bar from the front), and Tioga on the right. There might be other markings but on my sample it's pretty scuffed up from years of use. However it matches the photos on this auction.

On the upper surface on the left side drop (from the rider's perspective), it's marked:

There's fairly little info online, so I'm guessing this handlebar predates the web. Nitto has made so many variations of drop bars, some with very minor differences, I'm guessing this one didn't gain much attention. But it's a good, basic shallow or compact drop in a very conventional criterium configuration.

The bar measures 42cm c-t-c at the drop ends, presumably the 420mm marked on the bar. The drop measures 15cm c-t-c, fairly shallow (the WinPista drops on my '89 Centurion Ironman measure 18cm), and the drop length is fairly short. There's little or no flare.

The B65LL feels very light. I don't have a scale to check the weight but it feels subjectively lighter than my Ironman's Win Pista, and even lighter than the very light Cinelli Eubios. It's a good match for the older Trek 5900 OCLV carbon frame the B65LL was mounted on.

I doubt I'd notice the difference on a heavier bike. But even on a heavier steel bike a lighter bar can affect felt weight and handling -- my Univega Via Carisma came with a heavy steel flat bar, and I later switched to a steel riser bar. But switching to a very light heat treated aluminum albatross bar last summer really lightened the bike's front end. There are a few intersections where I often need to stop on a slight incline, and when I start pedaling from a full stop or slow roll, the front wheel tends to lift a few inches. That never happened with the steel bars. So even on a 30 lb bike a few ounces can affect the feel, at least on the front end and wheels.

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