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Trying to push Car Free to the limit

For the past two years I have been keeping my eyes open for a few jobs very near to my home. The kind of jobs someone pretty much has to die for an opening to occur. So finally, one of the jobs has opened up and I had a good interview. Now the waiting game and hopefully a call!

The new job is about 1 mile from my house. My route would be 2 blocks in my neighborhood, then cut through a community college campus (which is basically a park), cross one 4-lane road (35mph) and enter City Park. Then a 3/4 mile journey inside of the park. My new hopeful job is in the middle of the park. Most of the days I would just walk to work.

So...fingers crossed! I need a new job but REALLY do not want to own and maintain a car. My longtime car-free existence has given me a financial advantage over other applicants because I can work for $5,000/year less than they can if they need a dependable car. Since 1989 when I ditched the last car and motorcycle I have enjoyed this financial advantage when changing jobs.
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