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I think flats are mojo-induced. I once mentioned to a riding mate that I'd not had a flat in a year or so. Immediately, the front tire flatted, and I think she's still laughing. I was setting a PR in a triathlon, and amazed at how fast I was going on really rough chipseal. The next R turn had me straight into the ditch: no rough road, a flat tire.

Been playing cat/mouse with a slow-leak tubular, and reminded a BF member that I'd never had a Tufo flatten on me. He still said "2 oz of Stan's, just for good measure." Not me. F/R up to 100psi, out I go. 2.5 miles in, flat front, no visible damage. Ride it very slowly, across a construction zone, to the house. Connection at the base of the valve....tip it one way, no leak. Tip it another, hiss. Riding home with a flat on carbon wheels does make one think....
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