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Your bike needs much more than just a chain + brake cable.

It appears to be missing both brake levers. Missing rear brake caliper. Missing all the brake cables/housing.

Missing the front Derailleur.
Can't tell if the rear derailleur is there.
Derailleur cables loose???
Both tires appear to be bad.
Rims rusty.

Undoubtedly the bike would need at least a complete strip-down and grease job. And, it would take a lot to make it showroom condition. The best you can realistically hope for is to put it back together and use it as a town bike/commuter.

If you have a local co-op / bike recycler, you may be able to get quite a few parts for cheap. But, you still have some work ahead of you.
@wrk101 is often a bit low... but in this case... pretty close... $25.... and you may still not even be able to sell it quickly.
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