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Originally Posted by Bianchigirll View Post
What bike are they on? I suspect they were a stock bar branded for Tioga which I think was a Diamond Back accessory line in the late ‘80s early ‘90s.
Dunno the origin of this particular "Tioga" brand but it seems to appear occasionally on high end bikes, including the cap and spacer on this identical purple Trek 5900 with the same Ibis titanium stem as mine.

The "Tioga" labeled Nitto B65LL bar on mine came from another project. I intended to buy only the frame from texaspandj since he only wanted the Dura Ace components. But he was kind enough to put the Trek 5900 frame into riding shape with components from his own bin.

Tioga cap and spacer with Ibis titanium stem. My Trek 5900 frame came with the same stem but different cap and no spacer.

Originally Posted by T-Mar View Post
The B65LL was Nitto's top of the line road handlebar in the late 1980s to early 1990s. Canklecat's bar is from December 1992. The A7075 refers to the heat treated aluminum alloy. As noted, 420 is the bar width. Reach was 95mm and drop was 135mm. Claimed weight varied from 270-282g, depending on bar width.

Tioga was not affiliated with Diamond Back, other than as a parts source. At the time, Diamond Back was owned by Western States Imports, who marketed their contract manufactured bicycle parts and accessories under the Avenir brand name.
Thanks for the info! It's a good bar. I tried a Cinelli Eubios Sunday but after a 30 mile ride I realized I preferred the Nitto B65LL. The Nitto is like a dinky version of the Win Pista bar that came with my Ironman, so it feels familiar but better.

The Eubios has a smaller diameter top tube and feels too skinny without heavily padded bar wrap. And as much as I thought I'd like the ergo bend drops they didn't grab me immediately -- when I stood to pedal on a climb while using the drops, a la Pantani, it felt very unsteady. Usually I'm comfortable standing to pedal while using the drops for short steep climbs or sprints, but not with the Eubios drops. I may try changing the bar angle a bit and ride again. But I suspect I'll put the Nitto back on soon. The Eubios would make a good bar for a gravel bike project I have in mind for my Univega.

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