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Thank you to all for your comments.

I had looked online for similar but:

a) I didn't have the correct seatpost bolt (just had an aftermarket one)
b) I didn't have the hubs (or maybe I do, just mounted and buried away)
c) I couldn't find the seatpost (just found it and I think it's a Nouvo Record not SR but not so good with Campy stuff so will have to post tomorrow)
d) I had just listed a Chorus crankset and thrown in the BB for $110 and the $90 and no interest so thought that I should defer to the wiser folks on here.

I guess I am not the right guy to guess a price. I have no issue with giving a deal, then everybody is happy. Just thinking now, based on the comments on here and emails from those wishing to get the set that I will have to reconsider as it sounds like I'm a bit short. For now I will keep plugging away with spring cleaning before I list.

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