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Originally Posted by PeopleAreIdiots View Post
I had a great commute today too. 65 and sunny for the first day so far this year in Chicago. They added running lanes to the lakefront bike path over the winter to keep bikes and runners apart but the signage is still super unclear. I've been riding on it daily all winter but this afternoon was the first time the path has been packed since last fall. So basically the last 7mi of my commute was an absolute cluster**** of bikes, runners, rollerbladers, dog walkers, etc. all using whichever lanes they felt like

I ended up riding that whole segment at top speed weaving through groups of slower riders and runners. I'm still in my winter gearing (46x19) but Ive got my summer tires on and I gotta say, Im kinda loving it. It feels so effortlessly fast. I think I'm actually gonna keep it for the time being. I know its a bit low but something about ~64 gear inches feels right to me for whatever reason compared to the ~72 that Im more used to.
Yeah! I usually swap between the summer tires and studs at the same time as my high and low gearing, but this year I also spent a couple weeks on the old gearing with the summer tires, and that quick acceleration was nice. It gets really spinny when the tires aren't holding you back, though!
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