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What happened?
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Originally Posted by qcpmsame View Post
I miss Solveg's posts, and Tom Bombadill always had something interesting to say, too. Easthill in another member I miss, but I know the background on her leaving, I don't blame her for heading elsewhere, but the other party is still active, and gets up in a lather like a little kid, when someone brings up the foolishness they started and caused a good member to head out.

There were many people that helped me out when I first joined up here. Denver, Stapfam, Jim from Boston, Jim Mueller, Easthill, Miss Kenton, the various Diegos, and a host of others, all got me off to a good start here. I had some great mentors when I joined up, everyone here was supportive and encouraging to me. All my health issues were weighing on me big time, and the positive tone here kept me going.

I still miss East Hill, it wasn't just under my avatar.
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