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You got an amazing deal. I rode a set of ADX-1 for years in 24/20. Was around 185# back then. At first they were dedicated time trial wheels, soon realized these did not have a lot of limitations. Rode them for everything, big miles. When my supply of cheap tubulars ran out the wheels were given to a junior racer who promptly won three races in a row. His luck ran out when an official race vehicle hit him. Thank you USAC.

These are preposterously strong rims. Cannot recommend the 16 unless you are very light. If you are light lace it into a 32-hole hub. One cross not radial. Even if you are very conservative (or heavy) the 24 will work for a front. Two cross. If you are 185# or less go ahead and use for a rear.

dddd is very correct these will not build into a 130mm modern hub. The stresses of highly dished wheels were not even a thought when these came out in 1977.

24 hole hubs are not that scarce. Used by time trialists forever. My old mentor Othon Ochsner used 24 spoked wheels for his Swiss Pursuit Championship in 1919. I have a 24 high flange Normandy front from the 1950s (sorry, laced into a wheel). You have a base in Nottingham. The TT crowd there should have plenty of 24 hubs.

Build these tight and even. With only 24 spokes every spoke has to be carrying load.
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