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Originally Posted by qcpmsame View Post
...Easthill in another member I miss, but I know the background on her leaving, I don't blame her for heading elsewhere, but the other party is still active, and gets up in a lather like a little kid, when someone brings up the foolishness they started and caused a good member to head out.

Originally Posted by Rollfast View Post
I still miss East Hill, it wasn't just under my avatar.
Originally Posted by treebound View Post
I donít know the whole story of Easthill, not even sure I know part of it, just some events around the timeframe of her departure from here. I do know she seems like a good person and rides some of the same geography I knew when I was younger.

There are others I recall as well at various times. People, myself as well, drift away from interest groups and sometimes cycle back around eventually as life events happen.
I didnít really know East Hill, but I have fond memory from 2008, in reply to my Introductory Post, which I related to @Rollfast in 2015:
Originally Posted by Jim from Boston View Post
Thanks for your reply; I guess it's not a Forum problem, and I can work around it.

BTW, I note your tag line, "I STILL miss East Hill ". When I sent my first post, my cycling biography, "Hello to this Forum from Boston" to BF as an Introduction, East Hill replied,
Originally Posted by East Hill View Post
Hi Jim, it sounds as if you never let go of your love of cycling! Glad to have you here to contribute .

Welcome to BF, and feel free to PM me with any questions !

East Hill
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I thought to myself, "What a nice (lady)."

I also noted (her) signature ĒTake a deep breath, and ask--What would Sheldon do. When I joined BF back in 2008, I had just learned of Sheldon Brown from his obituary in the Boson Globe. I had been an active cyclist in Boston since 1977, and never heard of him.

In fact I had cycled several times past his shop, Harris Cyclery, and never even noticed it.
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