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Originally Posted by qcpmsame View Post
I miss Solveg's posts, and Tom Bombadill always had something interesting to say, too.

Easthill in another member I miss, but I know the background on her leaving, I don't blame her for heading elsewhere, but the other party is still active, and gets up in a lather like a little kid, when someone brings up the foolishness they started and caused a good member to head out.

There were many people that helped me out when I first joined up here. Denver, Stapfam, Jim from Boston, Jim Mueller, Easthill, Miss Kenton, the various Diegos, and a host of others, all got me off to a good start here.

I had some great mentors when I joined up, everyone here was supportive and encouraging to me. All my health issues were weighing on me big time, and the positive tone here kept me going.
Originally Posted by treebound View Post
...There are others I recall as well at various times. People, myself as well, drift away from interest groups and sometimes cycle back around eventually as life events happen.
To further this “Auld Lang Syne,” a few totems of Fifty-Plus are (were), Pie Rides, Annual Fifty-Plus Rides, and Club Tombay. On this thread, "What is Club Tombay," I reminisced with, and disputed @qcpmsame ‘s recollections:
Originally Posted by qcpmsame View Post

I was only a few months ahead of you in joining here, most of the "regulars" then aren't posting, or participating much at all, here. Beverly comes round every so often, she is into FB so she can interact with her grandkids, Tom Bombadil hasn't been here in a quite a while, save a one time appearance about a year ago,

East Hill got fed up with some of the P&R crap, one guy in particular was very rude, and got personal about her moderator actions, Solvang has not been here in quite a while, either.

Denver had an argument and dust up a few months ago, and he got banned, Weak Link, I won't go there about that situation, and there are several others that were here and very active.

Some when to the Master's Racing Forum, when it split off a few years ago, and some are just pretty much P&R people that like that sort of thng, even a few Road Cycling regulars have moved from our group here, into that forum's discussions.

Stapfam got fed up, I swap emails with him, and he is on FB, as well.

Miss Kenton is infrequent, as she is busy with life things, but she is here and reads a lot. And I know you have had the pleasure of riding with them a few times, lucky thing for all of you to meet up with each other, to me. We got to meet her and Mr. Miss Kenton, last November, wen they were here to have the holiday with her son and daughter-in-law, while he was in Nav training at NAS Pensacola.

RetroGrouch is still a regular, he stuck it out after he had the bad crash, You are someone I see and read posts from, Dudelsack comes around a little from time to time, a few others are from back in that time period from my first recollections.

Not everyone has moved away, just some people that stick out to me.

I agree that we have regulars here, now, just that it is a different place from when I first joined, sorry if that seems wrong to anyone. Maybe its me that needs to get away for a while, as it seems to be changing more rapidly, and not always for the good.

End of my explanation as to why I felt that way about this topic.

Originally Posted by Jim from Boston View Post
Hi Bill,

Thanks for that gracious and informative reply. You certainly are a maven of this Forum. I at least recognize all of the names, actively read some, and have corresponded with a few.

I don’t recall seeing East Hill on Fifty-Plus, but she sent me a nice reply to my Introduction to BF.

Reading BF, and especially Fifty-Plus is a daily activity for me...
Originally Posted by qcpmsame View Post

Not a "maven", I had to look that one up, I am just someone grateful for the support I received here, when I was in a bad place health wise.

Please don't classify me in that way, it makes me seem like I am claiming to be more that I am to this forum.


Originally Posted by Jim from Boston View Post
No classification intended; just a respectful term, according to one definition as "one who is knowledgeable."

(Not to be a smarty-pants, but I try to select my words carefully; I had considered "habitué." )

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