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Originally Posted by ButchA View Post
The general public... almost goes into cardiac arrest if/when they stop in at a LBS and see all the latest, greatest, high tech, CF, Di2, setups along with a price tag of well over $5000!
One of the most successful local bikeshops around here is doing quite well selling bikes at around that price point, but not a lick of "high tech," CF, or Di2. (Well, they have "high tech," but Bosch, Pendix, and NuVinci. And they do have some "low end" bikes. They sell the Strider, to give you a hint.)

Originally Posted by livedarklions View Post
The problem for LBS is they really can't compete with the prices at the low end and still make money. Not much point in driving up the volume by selling cheap bikes if they're losing on the transactions. That said, if I go into a shop and they have nothing under $5000, I'm not staying there long. There's a very large range of pretty terrific bikes at a relatively small fraction of that price.
Come on, even the forbidden LBS has some stuff for a fraction of $5000. And coffee too.

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