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Originally Posted by livedarklions View Post
Economies of scale--they either have to put in a huge amount of resources (warehouse, supplier contracts, packing, shipping, tax compliance, etc.) in an online ordering service, front for another one, or just not be competitive per unit/price with big online retailers.

I see pages like that, and it's usually an LBS that's doing ok with in-person service, and hasn't taken down the shopping page after trying unsuccessfully to do online sales on the cheap.
Not really.
The online store just made it a point to serve the customer. If you consider the context they are at a disadvantage.
The online store used a local delivery service DHS from my regional airport. The local store could have done the same.
The online store had to cover local shipping in England and air freight - the local store got a free ride even though the local store is charging $47 more on an $83 sale.

What the online store does is process the order the day it comes in, has a system of pulling the order at the warehouse and ships as soon as possible. That's the customer service model they have intentionally chosen. A local store could do the same but doesn't. They build a buffer of time for THEIR convenience, not the customers. It harkens back to a time when you could doo that because there was no competitor but fails when a new model comes along.

Another similar experience, different local LBS.
Wanted to buy two smaller front panniers. The LBS said they had some coming in a shipment and took my name/number and said they'd call when it came in. Months later... still no follow up call. Looked online. Similar panniers. Competitive price (even with taxes/duty/shipping). 4 day delivery to my door (again from England but different vendor).

I really don't begrudge price differentials that much (if they are within reason) because I know there are costs involved in bricks and mortar, but I can't accept poor or lazy service that treats me as if I don't matter. And I really try to give local shops first crack. Some step up and some don't.

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