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Originally Posted by OldTryGuy View Post
One huge difference with this Forum's members leaving compared to another Forum I frequent is that the departure here is generally by choice, the other forum is by death. Let me just mention, PCa (Prostate Cancer) does kill and having a yearly PSA can alert one of possible complications. BTW, I have the killer - Gleason 10- PCa and that is why I am attempting to continue living, cycling, as if nothing has changed. Believe me, it has changed and quite drastically, but the joy AND PAIN I get from bicycling is confirmation that I am still alive.

Be safe, be well and enjoy your rides.
Sobering indeed, BF has had a few deaths over the years, two that touched me. The latest I know of was moderator Photo Joe, last year. damned cancer took him from us much, much too young/early. I have read many of your posts, @OldTryGuy, over the years, it has always amazed me how you have persevered, I gather strength from those here that are cancer survivors, and have either remained of become regular cyclist as a part of doing exactly what you are saying above. Eventually, we all are going to leave this life, its how we treat others while we can that makes it worthwhile to have been here at all.

@Jim from Boston, having faced mortality a few times in the decade between 2000 and 2010, I can understand those thoughts. Realizing you are being told to consider having Last Rites is as sobering as it gets. Thankfully, cycling, and in a big way, the people here and in the C&V have gotten me away from that cliff and going long pretty well these days.

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