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I am not deluded at all but I wonder why you try so hard to prove it. What's in it for you?

All I did was illustrate a couple of examples that I personally experienced that drove me online and away from my preferred option to shop local. If bricks and mortars can afford to do that to customers who are willing to meet them half way then fine. But no complaints about how they aren't supported.

As to your question. Sectors.. I don't know. Individual businesses definitely yes. Some read the writing on the wall and adapt. Others cling to the hope things will stay the way they used to be.

Here's a good example. How many traditional cyclists on this forum have a negative perception of e bikes - quite a few. Now imagine the economic impact, with sales of e bikes making up a huge proportion in total bike sales growth, of having an owner or staff member bad mouth e bikes (and people who ride them) around the shop. Pretty easy to see that happening in small traditional mom and pop shops. They won't see the value, invest in learning, stock material or support riding...

Either adapt and change or lose out on an area of growth just like ignoring the internet means losing out there.

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