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Schwinn 564 vs World Sport

Last week I posted about a Le Tour I was going to buy, but passed on it. It was already restored and I'm looking for something I can restore myself. And by restore I mean disassemble, clean, grease and put back together and ride. Not looking to make it in original showroom condition.

I'm looking at these two now:

I wanted steel so the World Sport is first on my list, but I'd take the 564 too. The 564 does have the original quill seat post so I will be sure to check out if it's cracked or not. Of those two, is one going to be better to fix up than the other? I'm not worried about value or anything like that, I just want to start getting into older bikes now.

I'm hooked on Schwinn because that's what I grew up with, but what else can I be looking for as far as a steel bike from the 80's?

Thanks again everyone...
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