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Originally Posted by daviddavieboy View Post
IMO a lot of this can be helped by customer service (not mechanical but personal). In my area there are a few shops. At one the service is excellent but they only carry low end new parts and serve the used market. At the two others they are the typical shops but each have employees that are 'difficult' to deal with yet I still give them both my business because I know the owners well and just have to side step those 'difficult' employees.
As a truck driver I am fortunate that I have found many good shops across the USA and Canada that have helped me and when in the area I visit them even just to browse and say high.

What is this crisis you talk about? Papa Wheelies is one of my faves, 4 miles from the truck stop in Maine.
Which truck stop? The only one I ever found in that part of the country that I really liked was Dysarts in Bangor. One of my favorite stops anywhere on the continent.
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